Marc Miller

Marc NINEpsd.jpg

"The liquor industry is in a transition. Art and fashion is on a collision course with tradition and corporation.

Exciting times for Craft Spirits as we bear witness

to what results from this fusion of industries".

A global traveller for 25 years, Marc maintains a multi-national/cultural perspective on how humans perceive and embrace consumer products. 

Product innovation, brand creation, international distribution, producing strategic business models, put into a blender with a dash of bravado, flair, impulse and studied consideration.

Marc likes Music, Film, Bar culture, tropical beaches
and is currently infatuated with photography.


Mike Newcomb

"The Craft Spirits industry is in its infancy.

While the wine and beer industries have evolved, 

it is only now that entrepreneurs can truly flourish

within the Spirit industry".

Travelling the world, Mike has an eclectic history from brand concept through to global distribution and is influenced by Asian and Western culture.

A long time entrepreneur embracing the fashion industry, the bar industry mixed with product design, boardroom meetings, exporting to the world, hanging out with models and watching rugby with friends. 

Mike likes exotic holidays, fast cars, good food, warm beaches, red wine (when not drinking HUMAN

Vodka) and raising his young family.